About me

There are three things you should know about me…

I love Scotland, unicorns, and my ginger cats, Archibald and Agatha.

Now that we’ve established the important stuff, here are some other things about me.

I’ve been working in social media and public relations for more than 15 years. For the past 13 years, I’ve worked in Oregon higher education where I’ve had the opportunity to create, manage and improve a university’s social media presence and strategy.

I love how social media helps us communicate in ways we can’t in person, as well as augment more traditional forms of communication.

Around the same time I began working at the university, I realized I wanted to write novels. Over the years I’ve been involved with various writing organizations and groups, especially the Romance Writers of America. I’ve brought my social media and public relations expertise to these groups and individuals and have presented nationally and internationally on social media and web communication.

I love helping writers use social media to their advantage without letting it take over their lives.

Fun facts about me


I’m finishing my master’s in anthropology. My research is all about archaeologists using digital technology. Bonus fact? I did my fieldwork in southern Italy.


Ever had a UTI that turned out to be, “Surprise! Cancer!” No? Just me? I’ve surpassed that all-important 5-year mark and doing great. *high five*


I write romance novels and absolutely love the genre! Consent is sexy and I love a cinnamon roll hero. There’s a motto I love: HEA or GTFO.